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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I get a facial?

A: It depends on what goals and concerns you have with your skin.  Most people see us every 4-6 weeks but if you have some skin concerns and wanted to address it quicker and more effectively then we have packages available. For example our micro-current package is twice a week for four weeks. Our Rezenerate series is one a week for four weeks then once a week for next two weeks for a series of six for anti-aging skin care. 


Q: How long after a facial can I apply makeup?

A: I would prefer you wait several hours or skip the day of a facial. I know that’s not always possible. My advice is wait a few hours but on days you receive a moderate peel or Rezenerate treatment it should be the next day.


Q: What can I expect after a facial?

A: You can expect for your skin to feel very clean, pores more refined, a glow to the skin. It should also feel more hydrated and balanced. If you have experienced extensive extractions there may be very minimal redness and or slight discomfort in that area for a few hours.


Q: Can I go in the sun after a facial?

A: I would recommend to take all precautions wearing a hat and sun protection. Remember that your skin could be more sun sensitive after facial by exfoliating products and procedures.  The sun is also good in some sense but the UV exposure can elicit free radical damage which goes against what you came in to get a facial for in the first place. We offer the best skincare brands for all skin types.

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